Say “NO” to ban on vitamins

Apparently our supplements are under threat again! Please read the email below (that was forwarded to me) and then copy and paste the web link into your browser to sign the petition calling on the government to oppose this law.

kind regards
Founder, National Candida Society

Dear Friends,

I know some of you will be familiar with this, for others you may not be aware of what parliament is about to do in your name. Codex Alimentairus is a law designed to hand over the control of natural remedies to the pharmaceutical giants. One more attempt to regulate us – with potentially dire consequences. Unless we take this last opportunity and act now we will not be able to buy vitamins or health/nutritional supplements without a doctor’s prescription – they will be banned from 31st December 2009.

You may think this can’t happen, you may think why haven’t I heard about this before. The reason is that there are vested interests, giant multinational pharmaceutical companies, and it’s not in their interest that you know about and oppose this. They and our lawmakers in Europe are banking on public apathy. Despite considerable pressure already exerted our government is still planning to implement this law – UNLESS THERE IS MASSIVE OPPOSITION IT WILL GO AHEAD.

Like many health and safety matters this was started with good intentions, in 1962 by the United Nations, to establish international free trade foods but has become a major threat to our civil liberties and freedom of choice.


Please, sign the petition to the Prime Minister . . It takes 10 seconds! This is for our health, and well-being and the health and well-being of our children. Please copy and paste the link below …
for more information google opposition to codex alimentarius or look on facebook and you’ll see that the threat is very real and opposition is from people from all walks of life, in many countries.


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    Emily said,

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Kate, I really think its an outrage that pharmaceutical companies want to take charge of vitamins and supplements that arguably (and in my experience) in a lot of cases, work more beneficially with the individual. The funny thing is is that pharmaceuticals know nothing about supplements, there field is pharmaceuticals and I think that they should just stick to what they know. My partner was extremely ill for about a yr and no doctors could tell him what was wrong and all the drugs they tried him on had adverse effects (showing me that they understand ‘the body’ not strictly the individual’s body). At last, nutrition and correct supplementation put him on track again and healed him when no doctors or drugs could…and now they want to restrict alternative therapy supplements? It is absolutely ridiculous! They should be facilitating supplementation availability, not restricting it!!!

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    katenut said,

    Emily, I’m glad your partner has recovered and I do agree with what you say. I’m not anti drugs per se – there is a place for them and they can certainly save many lives. What saddens me is the amount of people who have taken responsibilty for their own health saving the NHS millions of pounds by eating right and taking a few vitamins. I carry out blood tests before I give higher doses of vitamins so GP’s dont panic and can actually see there is a deficiency. What also concerns me is that many healthy people ie me! are low in vitamin b1, 2 6 , b12 and magnesium and I eat a fabulous diet. So you can imagine what deficiencies I find in people who eat badly. The three key supplements I use are B, magnesium and zinc and these are of enormous help in mental health and heart problems.

    Thanks for the comment and keep up your good work!

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