Low blood pressure and the heatwave

Like many of my patients I can empathise with low blood pressure symptoms when the heat hits. At an extremely “healthy” 90/60 my blood pressure has been low most of my life. Although this is better than high it can leave you feeling giddy, dizzy, slightly spaced out and tired, especially in the heat. Do keep hydrated (obvious i know but dont forget). Also remember to keep you potassium and sodium levels up. A little organic sea salt on the food daily and foods high in potassium like bananas and tomato paste (!) can be incorporated into your daily diet routine. Dont lie out in the sun and avoid saunas as well. Keep in the shade until the temperatures come to a more comfortable level for you. Also do move around a bit – the longer you sit or lie, the lower your blood pressure can be. Keep cool – I hear the heatwave will be gone by the weekend!


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